Kush Goldplate By Relab

Kush Goldplate by Relab

Blend Relab’s smooth reverberation tails with Kush’s incredible harmonic sculpting and heavy-hitting compression curves.

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About The Kush Goldplate by Relab

Kush and Relab are widely acknowledged as two of the most important and innovative audio software and plug-in companies in the world today.  Separately, they have pushed the envelope in terms of what people think is possible in the field of audio engineering.  And now, for the first time, they have joined forces to reinvent reverb in exciting and groundbreaking new ways. 

Many engineers have yet to explore the possibilities of distortions and compression on reverb.  Nor have they considered the idea of real-time morphing between two extremely different-sounding reverb plates.  But thanks to Goldplate, that’s about to change.

Kush Goldplate By Relab

How Does The Kush Goldplate by Relab Work?

Kush Goldplate By Relab

Goldplate’s uniquely creative design allows the algorithmic plates to retain their high sonic quality across the full range of their assigned reverb times and facilitates a warm distortion of the signal pre-reverb, and a fat, heavy compression post-reverb.

The Drive control allows you to saturate your signal before it hits the reverb and compression circuits and offers a full range of options from just a hint of tube harmonics on one end to heavy distortion on the other. The incredibly useful Blend control does exactly what you think…enables you to mix the reverb in parallel with your unprocessed signal.

One more feature that truly makes Goldplate stand out is the Material control, which determines the resonant character and response of the metal plate itself. Its sophisticated blending algorithm allows for realtime morphing between completely different-sounding plates, from the dense, relaxed resonance of a steel plate, to the brighter, more sparkling sound of one that’s gold plated.

Kush Goldplate By Relab

Why The Kush Goldplate by Relab Is Such A Big Deal...

  • Incredibly flexible Drive, Blend and Output controls.
  • Material control to alter the responses of the various metal plates
  • Reverb Time control, as well as High and Low Pass Filters
  • A unique “Squish” compressor to adjust how the reverb reacts at different intensity settings
  • A Width stereo panner, and a 0-250ms Predelay option between the dry and wet signal
  • Bypass, Oversampling and Polarity-flipping controls
  • A Parameter Lock button that ensures selected parameters don’t change when different presets are loaded

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Get the Kush Goldplate by Relab now as part of the Relab Reverb Suite