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Kush Audio Pusher

Kush Audio Pusher

The Pusher is a truly unique sound shaping tool that has a transformer/tape-head style saturation processor followed by a dynamics stage.

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About the Kush Audio Pusher

Kush Audio Pusher

How Does The Kush Audio Pusher Work?

Kush Audio Pusher

The interface consists mainly of knobs and icons, so newbies are encouraged to use the built-in “cheat mode” to help navigate the Pusher’s many parameters.

There are two main processing “engines” to the Pusher:

  1. Magnetic EQ

  2. Diode Limiter

On the surface, this seems simple, but there is some very unique parallel signal routing to give you so much control over your sound.

Why The Kush Audio Pusher Is Such a Big Deal

Kush Audio Pusher
  • 4 interactive magnetic cores shape your tone
  • Diode limiter adds punch to your sound
  • Cheat Mode and Preset Manager for simplified operation
  • Magnetic saturation creates tones not possible with analog
  • Unique Transient Enhancing distortions for in your face character
  • Multi-point serial & parallel blend signal flow for more tonal variation

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Mac/Windows - AAX, VST, AU