Eventide SplitEQ

SplitEQ™ introduces a groundbreaking EQ that offers a radically new approach to corrective and creative audio equalization!

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macOS 10.9+, Windows 8+, iOS 11.0+

About The Eventide SplitEQ

At first glance, Eventide’s SplitEQ is a parametric EQ with eight bands of precise, musical filters.
But what’s new and different is Eventide’s powerful Structural Split™ engine, which divides the incoming audio into separate Transient and Tonal streams that feed the eight bands.
This approach makes common EQ problems easy to solve even in a complex mix and opens up exciting new musical possibilities.

SplitEQ takes the sound of structure into account and splits any sound into two streams, mimicking human perception of its tonal and transient elements. You can then cut or boost only that part of the sound on which you’re focused.
Not just a corrective tool, SplitEQ is also a new type of creative tool for adding dimension to mixes through its independent Left/Right and Mid/Side panning options.

SplitEQ features an innovative real-time spectrum analyzer so you can see and hear the sound in new ways. Solo only the transients, a single band, or only the transients on a single band.
Use the analyzer to track down problematic resonances or transients by displaying the tonal and transient streams separately, adding a new dimension to your troubleshooting toolkit.

Whether working on individual tracks, a full mix, or cleaning up a two-track loop, you’ll find SplitEQ to be an inspiring and powerful tool that allows you to approach material in a new, musically and sonically meaningful way!

How Does The Eventide SplitEQ Work?

A groundbreaking EQ, SplitEQ presents a fundamentally new approach to corrective and creative audio equalization. It excels at Repairing, Rebalancing, Enhancing, and Widening any musical source or audio signal. A surgical tool for fixing particularly nasty problems, SplitEQ also opens up exciting new musical possibilities.
More than just an EQ: It’s a new and better tool!

Want to soften the transients? Use the master Transient Gain slider.
Remove plosives or de-ess? EQ only the Transient.
Reduce snare ring? Put a filter on the Tonal mids.

By applying EQ to Transient and Tonal separately, you can fix many of the problems normally attempted by complex combinations of EQ, compression, transient designers, de-essers, multi-band compression, spatial processors, or dynamic EQ.
Simplify and declutter your workflow, get better results and create new sounds.

Features At-A-Glance

  • Structural Split: The beating heart of SplitEQ. SplitEQ analyzes the incoming audio and separates it into its respective Transient (Noise, pops, vocal sibilance, attacks) and Tonal (Sustained notes, harmonics, tone, ambience) elements.
  • 8-Band Parametric EQ: SplitEQ’s filters are state-of-the-art, pristine and musical. The User Interface has been designed to streamline workflow. Add sheen to vocals without boosting sibilance or harshness. Enhance acoustic guitar harmonics while reducing string buzz.
  • Stereo Imaging: Continuous L/R or Mid/Side panning of the Transient and Tonal components for each of the eight bands.
  • Graphical Display: High-res, real-time, spectrum analysis of audio components with multiple options for monitoring or comparison. SplitEQ also features Peak and RMS metering.

SplitEQ Applications

  • Enhance: With independent control of the Tonal and Transient elements of an instrument, SplitEQ can be used to deliver punch, detail, sheen, breathiness, diction, tightness, thump, and pluck.
  • Repair: A unique audio repair and restoration tool, SplitEQ allows you to surgically tune the Transient and Tonal response independently. Remove a kick drum’s boom without losing its thump.
  • Rebalance: SplitEQ allows versatile track placement in a mix. Easily perform multiple tasks not possible with any other EQ, like softening electric guitar strums while boosting cab reverb.
  • Widen: SplitEQ allows for precise multi-band stereo image manipulation of the Tonal and Transient elements of each frequency band. L/R and Mid/Side panning are supported. Spatialize a beat like never before.

Watch The Eventide SplitEQ In Action

Why The Eventide SplitEQ Is Such A Big Deal...

  • World-class 8-band parametric EQ with pristine musical filters
  • EQ Transient and Tonal parts of a sound separately using Eventide’s patented Structural Split™ technology
  • Control Transient and Tonal Output levels
  • Enhance the stereo-field with continuous Transient and Tonal panning controls (L/R and Mid/Side modes)
  • Control the underlying Split technology for fine tuning and experimentation
  • Globally scale the EQ curves together or independently
  • Peak, Notch, Bandpass, High Shelf, Low Shelf, Tilt Shelf, High Pass, and Low Pass filter types with slopes from 6 to 96 dB/octave
  • Innovative real-time spectrum analyzer displays the Transient and Tonal streams independently
  • Comprehensive Presets Library includes 150+ presets
  • A/B buttons allow quick auditioning of two presets or settings plus Undo/ Redo functionality
  • Resizable GUI with zoom options

What People Are Saying About The Eventide SplitEQ

“SplitEQ is a radical new tool. I’ve been using it to transparently correct problems or creatively warp tones on every mix since I got it. Eventide have taken Equalization to an atomic level.”

- John O'Mahony (Coldplay - Sarah Bareilles)

“EQ becomes dynamic. SplitEQ allows endless possibilities to the shaping of any audio signal. I wouldn’t work without it.”

- Jack Joseph Puig (Green Day - Lady Gaga - John Mayer)

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