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Eventide Physion Mk II

An advanced multi-effects plug-in with Transient/Tonal Splitting.
– A New Dimension in Multi-FX –

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macOS 10.9 + AAX 64-bit, AU 64-bit, VST2 64-bit, VST3 64-bit / Windows 8+ AAX 64-bit, VST2 64-bit, VST3 64-bit

About The Eventide Physion Mk II

For over 50 years, Eventide Audio has pushed the boundaries of audio effects—from the H910 Harmonizer® to the H3000 to SplitEQ.
Building on this legacy, with the Physion Mk II Eventide painstakingly hand-tuned each effect for Transient or Tonal material. They included new effects like polyphonic pitch shifting and reverse delays with gating, ping-pong, and crystals modes. Additionally, you also get their best-in-class splitting technology with thoughtful, easy-to-use controls.

How Does The Eventide Physion Mk II Work?

Physion Mk II is a powerful, modern approach to multi-effects delivering a new dimension of sounds.
It combines Eventide’s best-in-class Transient/Tonal separation with world-class Eventide effects, opening the door to practical mixing solutions and creative applications.
The plug-in features the improved Structural Split™ detection from SplitEQ and a streamlined workflow designed with producers, mixers, and sound designers in mind, allowing the user to rapidly discover new sonic horizons and smarter solutions.
Physion Mk II’s factory library comes loaded with over 500 presets, offering sounds you won’t find anywhere else. The preset library is organized into easy-to-navigate categories, so whether you’re looking for a little color, a quick fix, some extra spaciousness, or a deep transformation, you’ll find great options quickly.

Watch The Eventide Physion Mk II In Action

Why The Eventide Physion Mk II Is Such A Big Deal...

  • NEW Polyphonic pitch shifting algorithm based on Eventide’s new SIFT technology
  • NEW Reverse Delays with gating, ping-pong, and crystals modes
  • NEW Side Chain input for dynamics processors
  • NEW State-of-the-art Filters, taken directly from SplitEQ
  • NEW Resizable GUI with scrolling waveform display and easy-to-use layout – no menu diving required!
  • World-class, Hand-tuned Eventide effects for the Transient & Tonal streams
  • Process Transient and Tonal Effects separately using Eventide’s Improved Structural Split™ technology
  • Control Transient and Tonal Output levels
  • Control the Underlying Split for fine-tuning and experimentation
  • Comprehensive Presets Library includes 500+ presets
  • A/B Comparison and Undo/Redo make it easy to explore ideas without losing where you started
  • Three Color Schemes: Normal, Dark, and Colorblind Accessible

What People Are Saying About The Eventide Physion Mk II

Physion Mk II opens some new wild creative doors. This allows me to effect the Transient and Tonal information independently and will be in a lot of my sessions.

- John Nathaniel (OneRepublic - Shawn Medes - Gwen Stefani)

Physion Mk II opens up a huge world of possibilities for me. Even the simplest sound can become something completely new, original and inspiring.

- Tom Salta (Halo - Prince of Persia - Ghost Recon)

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