Eventide Omnipressor

Omnipressor is a dynamics processor with attitude, that adds a classic character and offers a wide range of sonic possibilities whether you use it for gating, compression, limiting or expansion.

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About The Eventide Omnipressor

Introduced in 1971, the Omnipressor rack unit was widely used on hit records throughout the last four decades. One of our first customers was a young Brian May, lead guitarist of Queen, whose rig never sounded the same again.  It is a professional quality modifier to shape a sound’s dynamics to limitless possibilities.

How Does The Eventide Omnipressor Work?

The Eventide Omnipressor is based exactly on the original hardware design made famous in the 70’s.  This is not a gentle, transparent-sounding compressor.  It is a powerful sound-shaping tool that will color your sound the same way that its analog predecessor has done for the last 4 decades.  Beyond gating, compression, limiting and expansion, the Omnipressor is also capable of reversing a sound’s envelope, making loud sounds quiet and quiet sounds loud.  The plugin also includes a prominent Function dial, which was a feature on the original rack unit.  This knob takes you from gating and expansion, to a unity setting of 12, and all the way through different compression and limiting.  And if you keep turning the dial to the right, you eventually get to Dynamic Reversal, where you can really start to experiment sonically.

Hear The Eventide Omnipressor In Action

What People Are Saying About
The Eventide Omnipressor

Omnipressor is a compressor and expander/gate dynamics plug-in that goes about the business of compression in a very aggressive and shouty way. If you are looking for a subtle transparent compression then look somewhere else, if you want a compressor with bags of pump, depth and character then look no further”

- Dan Cooper [Pro Tools Expert]

“[Omnipressor] is the most twisted, aggressive, nasty, and yes, seductively versatile dynamics control device I’ve used…The Bass Cut switch is way cool for kick drum fans, as it attenuates bass frequencies going to the compression control circuit”

- Craig Anderton [Harmony Central]

Why The Eventide Omnipressor Is Such A Big Deal...

Obviously, you can use the Omnipressor for compression, but you would be overlooking all of its other amazing tone-shaping tools that can add character and personality to your tracks, and truly me your productions stand out.  

  • Dynamics processing for creating otherworldly sounds
  • Gating, expansion, compression, limiting, and Dynamic Reversal
  • Intuitive interface makes it simple to operate with the use of a tone-twisting function dial

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