Eventide Instant Phaser

Eventide Instant Phaser

Instant Phaser is a simulation of the world’s first phaser, a single-function analog processor featuring a sweeping filter bank.

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About The Eventide Instant Phaser

When the Instant Phaser was introduced, the cost of the hardware necessary to create this effect was prohibitive for most musicians. The affordable Instant Phaser not only made this effect widely popular, it also offered an ideal number of phase networks that tracked very well with each other, providing very deep phasing without destroying the original tone.  The Instant Phaser is an innovative studio tool that has been used on countless classic albums.  A great example of this unique effect can be heard on Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir.  Eventide has brought this character effect into the 21st century with their Instant Phaser plugin, which captures all of the magic of the original hardware unit.  

Eventide Instant Phaser

How Does The Eventide Instant Phaser Work?

Eventide Instant Phaser

Phasing was originally produced by mixing the slightly delayed outputs of two tape recorders containing the same program material.  The Instant Phaser’s innovative design allowed the effect to be varied by an Envelope Follower, Oscillator or Remote control. The left and right outputs were also out-of-phase with respect to one another, resulting in a great stereo effect. Eventide’s Clockworks Legacy model of the Instant Phaser recreates these subtle details and enhances the original by allowing full automation and the ability to manipulate the Phaser remotely using supported control surfaces and/or common MIDI implementation. Simply set the Function knob to Remote and send Mod Wheel (MIDI Controller #1) information on the Phaser’s MIDI channel to manually ”move” the phaser. Instant Phaser is a Mono-In, Stereo-Out plug-in.

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Why The Eventide Instant Phaser Is Such A Big Deal...

Eventide Instant Phaser

Highly customizable processing allows you control the depth of the effect as well as the way you manipulate the application of it.  

DEPTH – Lets you determine the mix of phased and direct signal. At the minimum setting the signal is 100% phased; at the maximum setting, the wet/dry mix is 50/50.

FUNCTIONS  Select Manual, Oscillator, Envelope or Remote as the current mode of operation. A lamp will light under the selected controller to indicate it is active. The LED over the Manual knob always shows the phaser position. 

  • MANUAL – Activates the (phase change) control to let you control the phase effect manually.
  • OSCILLATOR – Activates a phasing oscillator and lets you set its frequency from 0.1-10 Hz. Slow speeds will give a fading effect; high speeds (with Depth fully counterclockwise) produce vibrato and Doppler effects.  
  • ENVELOPE – Gives you automatic phasing triggered by input. – THRESHOLD sets the input signal level which triggers phasing. – RELEASE determines the phase decay time (0.01 to 10 seconds).  
  • REMOTE – When Remote is selected, MIDI Controller 1 (Mod Wheel) controls phasing.
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