Eventide EQ65

Eventide EQ65

The Eventide EQ65 filter set plug-in provides you an elegant and easy to use environment to perform myriad types of frequency-based signal processing.

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About The Eventide EQ65

The EQ65 is a two-band notch/band pass filter set that allows you to quickly find a selected frequency and perform a boost or cut on the signal. Whatever your audio application may be, the EQ65 will provide you with flexible new options.

How Does The Eventide EQ65 Work?

The EQ65 is a two-band notch/band pass filter set that allows you to adeptly de-emphasize or completely eliminate selected frequencies in an audio recording. This is accomplished through its dual notch and band pass peak filters, which can be precisely configured using the fine tuning control. Designated frequencies also may be attenuated in gradations by using the notch filters in conjunction with the depth controls.

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Why The Eventide EQ65 Is Such A Big Deal...

  • Analog circuit model of the Urei 565 filter set.
  • Powerful 36 dB/octave High Pass and Low Pass filters
  • Two additional filters configurable as Band Pass or Notch.
  • Use Band Pass to find unwanted frequencies or resonances and then switch to Notch to control them.
  • Designated frequencies can be precisely controlled by using the notch filters with the depth controls.
  • Low Frequency Cutoff Control and Indicator
  • High Frequency Cutoff Control and Indicator
  • Notch/Peak Filters
  • In/Out Switch and Indicator
  • Center Frequency Control and Indicator
  • Depth Control
  • Notch/Peak Selector
  • Fine Frequency
  • Powerful, Hi Q Notch filter with sufficient rejection to entirely filter out single sine waves.
  • Perform radical phase sweeps with extreme tonal shifts.
  • Several instrument and special effect presets to help with the most popular tasks.

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