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Empirical Labs Big FrEQ™

The BIG FrEQ™ provides Full Spectrum Tone Shaping with an Analog Twist

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About The Empirical Labs Big FrEQ™

With twelve powerful sections of processing, the BIG FrEQ™ should single-handedly be able to take care of all your tonal and spectral shaping needs for single tracks, as well as busses, including use as a versatile mastering tool.
As always, Empirical brings new twists and functionality to Plug-in EQs, and labors over making it mindless to learn, and just plain FUN to use.

How Does The Empirical Labs Big FrEQ™ Work?

The BIG FrEQ™ offers the ability to create modern “flat-top” EQ shapes with an analog workflow and added controls for more tone-shaping possibilities than a typical EQ plug-in. Each of the six parametric bands offers an additional slope control that allows for flattening out the EQ shape and grabbing more frequencies equally.
Fine tune frequency adjustment with the Focus Frequency function and hear exactly what frequencies are being affected with the togglable solo function on each parametric band.
Add warmth to any track with organic saturation offered with the unique Finisher section.
Like the Arousor™, the BIG FrEQ™ is another prime example of how Empirical Labs bring the quality of their hardware to their software products and continue to offer the things that can not be done in the hardware realm into the box.

What makes this EQ plug-in different:

– Parametric sections have a 4th control called SLOPE for creating “flat-top” EQ shapes.
– Switching on the FOCUS mode will center the selected frequency and reduce the range of FREQ knob for easy fine tuning.
– Multiple parametric bands can be soloed at the same time with the switchable SOLO buttons.
– Parametric sections can be copy and pasted from one section to the next for faster operation.
– Each section’s GAIN knob can be expanded from ±15dB to ±30dB with the RANGE button.
– The FINISHER section adds organic saturation and it provides for up to 8x oversampling

Watch The Empirical Labs Big FrEQ™ In Action

What People Are Saying About The Empirical Labs Big FrEQ™

“BIG FrEQ is an EQ on steroids with a number of unique twists”

- Bobby Owsinski

“This plugin has found its way into a very small pile of heavy rotation tools”

- John Paterno

Why The Empirical Labs Big FrEQ™ Is Such A Big Deal...

  • 12 Sections of Processing
  • 6 parametric EQ sections with 4 tone-shaping parameters that allow for “flat-top” EQ shapes:
    • GAIN Knob – can be expanded to ±30 dB with the RANGE button
    • FREQUENCY Knob
    • WIDTH Slider
    • SLOPE Knob
  • A unique FINISHER output section for adding analog, tape-like saturation with up to 8x oversampling.
  • FOCUS Frequency toggle for fine tuning frequency adjustment on each parametric band.
  • SOLO button on each parametric EQ band for listening to the exact frequencies being shaped.
  • Unique section Copy and Paste function on each band for quickly moving and duplicating bands.
  • High Pass and Low Pass filters with adjustable Q and selectable filter orders from 6 – 96 db/Octave.
  • High and Low Shelves
  • Modern spectral display that shows cumulative EQ shape as well as colored individual bands
  • Built-in preset management system with proprietary preset format for cross-DAW preset access.
  • Copy and paste current settings from one instance to another using the preset menu.
  • Stereo version is un-linkable for Dual Mono operation.
  • 2 available interface sizes – small and large.
  • Up to 8x Oversampling for the Finisher tested up to 768 kHz operation.
  • Direct entry available for all parameters – double click on any parameter to type in a value.
  • Master Phase Switch.
  • Smoothly automate all parameters.
  • Bypass any section to monitor changes and free up processing.

Never Settle For Imitation When You Can Have Innovation

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iLok 2 or 3 USB key AND iLok Cloud license activation available

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