Audified DW Drum Enhancer

DW Drum Enhancer is an “all-in-one” drum processing tool designed and tuned by the DW recording engineers to process the basic drum sound spectrum from A to Z.

“The only drum processor you’ll ever need”

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About The
Audified DW Drum Enhancer

The result of a creative combination of Audified’s tried-and-tested technology and world-renowned DW® know-how, DW Drum Enhancer is designed to process the basic drum sound spectrum and billed as being the only drum processing tool that anyone would ever need to get the drum sound of their dreams.

Easing the drum processing pain by effectively simplifying and streamlining the effects processing chain, DW Drum Enhancer is not simply one effect. Far from it, in fact. DW Drum Enhancer encompasses several EQs and compressors (including a model of classic solid state compressor circuits) when it gets its musical mojo working!

How Does Audified DW Drum Enhancer Work?

DW Drum Enhancer offers users their desired Drum type settings through a 12-position selector that includes three types of drums (SNARE, KICK, and TOMS), each with three variations (Modern, Heavy, and Vintage).
The remaining three positions (OTHER) are OH (overheads); Bus, for servicing the whole set (usually in a mixing console group); and Room, intended for processing whole drum kits recorded by two microphones.
Each selection automatically applies appropriate settings, such as EQ type, slope, and frequency; Comp (compressor) type, attack, release, and knee shape; noise Gate attack and release, and sidechain filter.

All this allows for a speedy, straightforward workflow, with added fine-tuning by way of easily accessible additional controls on a stunningly-photorealistic GUI that’s as easy on the eye as it is to use.
Practical oval buttons are positioned at the top of DW Drum Enhancer’s Gate, Comp, and EQ ‘modules’ to turn them on and off.
Each module makes several standard controls readily available to the tweaker-happy user, with the exact parameter of all changes clearly visible in the left-hand display.
Gate is armed and ready to remove unwanted audio material below a certain threshold (turning the signal off when only hum or noise is present).
Comp limits the dynamic range of the incoming signal (applied once the volume of the incoming signal exceeds the Threshold control setting, while the Mix knob adjusts the parallel mixing level and adjacent Make-up knob compensates for average volume).
EQ adjusts the Hi, Mid, and Low frequency amounts (alongside an EQ Position switch to set it before or after the compressor, while HP and LP buttons switch high-pass and lowpass filters on or off).
To top it all off, DW Drum Enhancer embraces an advanced model of real valve saturation circuitry. The Sat button turns saturation on or off while the big saturation knob adjusts the amount of saturation being applied with higher levels adding harmonics to the incoming signal.
Similarly straightforward, specific buttons change the tube circuit, affecting the point at which it kicks in and also its frequency response.

What People Are Saying About Audified DW Drum Enhancer

This is now my go-to drum plug-in for snare, kick, Toms & overheads. For DW drums to join forces with Audified is incredible. You get magic pure Magic. I am totally blown away by DW Drum Enhancer.

– Scott Yahney

Having a channel strip in a plug-in definitely helps cut down on time spent doing non-creative work setting up plug-ins. You can get a great drum sound with just one plug-in and good raw tracks.

– Tiki Horea
Why The Audified DW Drum Enhancer Is Such A Big Deal...
  • Created in cooperation with DW engineers.
  • Complete chain for drum recording.
  • Presets tuned by DW recording artists.
  • Tube saturation circuit.
  • Model of real solid state compressors.
  • Time saver.
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