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The Sonnox Elite Collection contains seven world-class Oxford mixing plug-ins used by professionals worldwide.
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The Oxford plug-ins have earned a world-class reputation for their high-quality processing, precision control, and intuitive graphical interfaces.

These legendary EQ and Dynamics plug-ins have become industry standards in professional mixing; the Inflator and Limiter plug-ins offer unparalleled level control; TransMod adds incredible punch without compression artifacts; Oxford Reverb allows unique spaces to be designed; and finally the SuprEsser plug-in is the final word in professional de-essing.

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Get The Sonnox Elite Collection EDU for only $14.99 /month
NOTE: - This product is available to qualifying students only. Click the button to apply.
- Sonnox licenses are iLok key AND iLok cloud-compatible for activation.

Not only do the Oxford plug-ins go above and beyond expectations, so does this bundle.

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About Sonnox
Sonnox is the leading designer of innovative, high quality, award-winning audio processing plug-ins for professional audio engineers. Oxford Plug-ins are used in an extraordinary range of audio applications including mixing for music production, live sound, broadcast, TV & Film, and even scientific and forensics projects.
The Sonnox design team traces its heritage back to the 1980's, to the development of the legendary Oxford OXF-R3 digital mixing console. With a base price of $1 million, the OXF-R3 was installed in major recording studios worldwide, and became widely accepted as the first ‘musical’ sounding digital console.

You get 7 world-classs EQ and Dynamics Plug-ins
for only $14.99/month

Oxford Dynamics

A powerful and versatile dynamics “multi-tool”.  

Oxford Dynamics

The Oxford Dynamics plugin was designed to emulate the unit used in the OXF-R3 professional mixing console. It is a well-researched and versatile plugin that offers separate Compress, Limit, Expand, Gate, and side chain EQ functions, with the ability to control all parameters independently.  

Different features allow you to confidently experiment with various styles of compression, from the most subdued to the most over-the-top and character-filled, to make your productions truly unique and vibrant. Logarithmic side chain processing is just one feature that ensures the purest and most accurate sonic character, at a level that was previously unavailable in a digital or analog single unit.  Overall, the Oxford Dynamics plugin is both powerful and flexible, making it an absolute mixing essential.  

Oxford EQ

The natural sound of analog, with the power of digital technology.

Oxford EQ

Unlike most digital EQs on the market today, The Oxford EQ reflects YOUR creative choices, and doesn’t just sweep through a predetermined array of factory presets while you adjust different frequencies and gain levels.  The EQ mimics the way an analog EQ works, while having all of the features that you can only find in digital. 

It uses 48-bit double precision calculation technology to make changes on the fly, in real time. It also comes loaded with selectable shelf settings for LF and HF sections, variable slope lowpass and highpass filters, and four different selectable EQ types, that represent some of the more popular choices, both modern and classic, used by current engineers and producers.

Oxford Inflator

When you need a nice, clean loudness boost, and you seem to have run out of space.  

Oxford Inflator

The Oxford Inflator is a godsend of a loudness plugin.  It will increase the overall loudness of even the most compressed or limited tracks in a mix. These days, mixing and mastering engineers are all forced to compete in the so-called “loudness wars”. 

The Oxford Inflator was created in response to overwhelming demand from those engineers, for a tool to add an extra loudness boost to whatever needed it.  The Oxford Inflator will help you produce louder mixes without compression pumping or overloads. Whether you use it on single instruments to add a little depth or presence, or on drum tracks to add some tightness or volume, the Oxford Inflator will add extra punch or volume wherever you need it, even if you think you have no room left to play with.

Oxford Transient Modulator

Your secret weapon to reshape the impression of sounds from the inside out.

Oxford TransMod

The Oxford Transient Modulator is dynamic processing tool that allows you to manipulate transient events, and move them forward, or push them into the background.  This enables you to accentuate or soften the attack of the instruments, and change their sonic characters.  

This can serve many useful purposes, such as tightening up certain percussive instruments, or reducing the attack and thus softening  unwanted percussive sounds on acoustic-based instruments.  The Transient Modulator is sometimes called a “secret weapon”  because it’s an important character-shaping tool that can be used quickly and easily to change the impression of a sound from the inside out, thus altering its sonic footprint within the mix.

Oxford Reverb

Simply the most natural-sounding reverb plugin you will find that uses algorithmic reverb techniques.

Oxford Reverb

The Oxford Reverb is the perfect marriage of technical performance and artistic freedom.  It offers full control over its many vital parameters, thanks to an extraordinary array of presets, a comprehensive reflections catalog and an integrated 5-band EQ. The Oxford Reverb allows you to follow your creative muse wherever it may take you. 

You can shape ambient spaces quickly and easily, from wide open reverberant halls to small, dry, deadened rooms, and anything in between.  All with highly customizable spatial textures and character.  Simply put, it is the most natural-sounding plugin you can find that uses artificial reverb techniques.  You can almost smell the wood or the stone in the simulated spaces you create.

Oxford Limiter

When you need an extra little boost, without compromising the purity of your sound.

Oxford Limiter

This true peak limiter uses precise logarithmic side-chain processing, look-ahead signal acquisition and adaptive timing functionality to offer incredible flexibility; from loudness maximisation to transparent level control.

It can also be employed to create artistic sound effects. It features a uniquely useful Enhance function, that can increase the volume, density, and presence of your tracks without compromising transients or dynamics. Just one of the amazing features that separates the Oxford Limiter from conventional limiting processors.

Oxford SuprEsser

An in-depth audio analysis tool to bring your tracks from good to great.

Oxford Supresser

The Oxford SuprEsser is actually a 2-for-1 plugin.  It is both a professional De-Esser, and a dynamic EQ. It has wide range of functionality from the simplest quick fixes, to more complex production processes and fine-tuning. 

Three listening modes and an intuitive display lets you hear and see where issues are in your mix, so you can zero in on problems and correct them immediately.  And since the SuprEsser can operate at all frequencies, plosive sounds and other sonic annoyances can be removed quickly and easily, making it more like a De-Esser on steroids.

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Legendary World-Class Plug-ins

The Oxford Plug-ins have earned a world-class reputation for their high-quality processing, precision control and intuitive graphical interfaces.
The Sonnox Elite Collection EDU contains seven of these legendary mixing plug-ins used by professionals worldwide.
Get The Sonnox Elite Collection EDU
Only $14.99/month
NOTE: - This product is available to qualifying students only. Click the button to apply.
- Sonnox licenses are iLok key AND iLok cloud-compatible for activation.