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Mixing voice, drums and making your mixes and masters translate across various consumer devices: Three common questions that can indeed cause mixing headaches, especially for those new to the craft.

The “Productivity Tools” bundle provides solutions for each one of them. Based on extensive scientific research and partnership with established experts in the field, Audified has created these three efficient plug-in tools to make your professional life easier and the mixing process more satisfying!

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Introducing Audified Productivity Tools

The Productivity Tools bundle features three Audified plug-ins.

Each of these virtual tools has its dedicated primary purpose and each one helps solve common mixing problems, therefore preventing many typical sound engineering hassles.


MixChecker helps your mix translate across listening devices. The plug-in allows you to check your mixes and masters virtually on different kinds of consumer audio devices, (e.g., laptops, earbuds, or a car stereo), and includes simulations of various listening environments and their characteristics accompanying noises.


DW Drum Enhancer provides one-stop processing for your drums.Created in collaboration with the world-renowned DW Drum Workshop, its main purpose is to help you mix your real or virtual drums on the world-class sound level quickly and intuitively. The plug-in will make any drum kit sound bigger, fuller and more exciting.


TNT Voice Executor sorts out the complete vocal mix in just a few moves. The plug-in is an ultimate voice processing tool. Based on presets and controlled by only three knobs, under the hood it contains complete dynamics control processing, EQ, drive, and delay. Even a starter can get pro results with this fascinating tool.

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About Audified

Located in Boskovice, in the Czech Republic, Audified develops software applications, software effects and hardware processors for musicians, audio engineers and installed audio.

With a history of over 20 years in research and development, the company has consistently maintained its initial vision: Improve and streamline the workflow of music producers as well as add new aesthetic value to their work, helping them to achieve the best possible results.

Audified is also very much involved in the educational field, through partnerships with Brno Technical University and Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts, collaborating on scientific projects and establishing the first specialized studies of Audio Engineering in the country.

Why Audified Productivity Tools Is Such A Big Deal
  • Check your mixes and masters virtually on consumer-grade audio devices and in different listening environments.
  • Mix drums quicker and more efficiently than ever before.
  • Make your drums sound fuller, crisper, and overall larger than life.
  • Mix voice like a pro without overcomplicating your signal flow.
  • Make your singing, screaming, or spoken word sound world-class in a matter of seconds.
  • Make mixing decisions based on the expertise of experienced mixing engineers and producers and use their own presets.
  • Focus on what is meaningful in your mix without being distracted by “option-paralysis” or falling into “rabbit holes”.
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What Do You Get With Audified Productivity Tools?

Audified Productivity Tools includes the following hand-picked efficient and innovative audio production plug-ins
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DW Drum Enhancer


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TNT Voice Executor


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Audified Productivity Tools

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