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Audified Boutique Studio



The “Boutique Studio” bundle includes three Audified plug-ins that can be used for a wide variety of purposes for music production, mixing, and mastering.

Modeled after the popular and widely used analog mixing and mastering hardware units of the early 1960s, get the most wanted German studio legends in one bundle: U73b Compressor, U78 Saturator, and RZ062 Equalizers (RZ062a and RZ062b).

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Introducing Audified Boutique Studio

Audified takes pride in recreating classic analog circuits. The Boutique Studio bundle is one such achievement!
The result of thorough scientific research and exact measurements of the physical properties of these legendary devices, this bundle presents previously unheard of possibilities in terms of getting the vintage analog sound in a digital environment. To this day, many engineers strive to get closer to the authentic color of the real and vintage valve circuitry. These tools deliver exactly that.


The U73b Compressor: The original hardware U73b is an all-tube vari-mu compressor/limiter with an adjustable release time option. It came on to the scene simultaneously with the first famous Europeans rock bands. Many recorded in Europe, and although some studios used American compressors, a significant number of the recordings used U73b or very similar products. We will not mention any names, but do you remember those four guys with mop-top haircuts? Or that other British group that broke the wall?


The U78 Saturator: Audified built the U78 Saturator upon the layout of their award-winning U73b Compressor plug-in. The substantial tweaks to the circuit and additions of filters tone control and gain control resulted in a unique-sounding saturator plug-in that can be used for more varied purposes than the original.


The Klangfilm RZ062 Equalizers: Designed in Germany more than 60 years ago for installation in mixing consoles and used in European studios to perform modification of frequency characteristics of the recorded sound and to eliminate undesired studio acoustics.
Their complex valve circuits brought much more to the table than just equalization. They delivered incredibly subtle coloring of the sound, desired in many of today’s recording projects.
Two separate versions, RZ062a and RZ062b, are included in the bundle. The midrange section of the plug-in differentiates the two.

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About Audified

Located in Boskovice, in the Czech Republic, Audified develops software applications, software effects and hardware processors for musicians, audio engineers and installed audio.

With a history of over 20 years in research and development, the company has consistently maintained its initial vision: Improve and streamline the workflow of music producers as well as add new aesthetic value to their work, helping them to achieve the best possible results.

Audified is also very much involved in the educational field, through partnerships with Brno Technical University and Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts, collaborating on scientific projects and establishing the first specialized studies of Audio Engineering in the country.

Why Audified Boutique Studio Is Such A Big Deal
  • Spice up your mixes and masters with authentic analog-like color.
  • Compress, saturate, limit, and EQ your tracks using tried and trusted tools.
  • Optimize your production workflow using vintage style mixing methods.
  • Get inspired by the sounds of many legendary records.
  • Make your masters sound fuller and bigger while retaining the desired dynamics.
  • Experience hyper-realistic and efficient 3D GUI based on real physical devices.
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What Do You Get With Audified Boutique Studio?

Audified Boutique Studio includes the following hand-picked efficient and innovative audio production plug-ins
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U73b Compressor


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U78 Saturator


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RZ062 Equalizer


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Audified Boutique Studio

The Most Wanted German Studio Legends In One Bundle!
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