Relab Bundle with Goldplate
Ilok2 or 3 Required
Compatible with Both Mac OS and Windows - VST, AU or AAX
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The Relab Reverb Suite provides both the professional and home studio with the ultimate “Main Reverb” suite of legendary reverb effects plug-ins including the NEW Kush Goldplate.

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Introducing the Relab Reverb Suite

The Relab Essential Reverb Suite provides both the professional and home studio with the ultimate “Main Reverb” suite of legendary reverb effects plug-ins

This unique plug-in bundle contains an amazing palette of simulated rooms from natural sounding spaces to emulations of vintage reverbs and classic plates giving you access to the same sounds that have been used on countless productions for years. It’s the perfect companion to anyone’s plug-in collection.

The Relab Reverb Suite features THREE incredible reverbs:

Relab LX480 Reverb

For over two decades, the Lexicon 480L Digital Effects System** has been the standard by which all other signal processors are measured. At one point, Lexicon processing was used by over 80% of all record companies for mixing and mastering.

The Lexicon 480L remains a popular choice among top producers for the most demanding tasks. Even today the Lexicon 480L is widely considered as one of the best-sounding reverbs ever built. There is little else that compares to the sound of a Lexicon.

The LX480 Complete plug-in is the most accurate emulation to date of Lexicon’s legendary 480L Digital Effects System. Not only does the LX480 give you what is widely considered to be one of the best reverbs ever built, but it also improves on the iconic 480L hardware model by introducing higher density modes and other functions not found on the original. The LX480 is offering that same distinctive, smooth, rich “Lexicon Sound”

Relab VSR S24 Reverb

The T.C. Electronic System 6000** is as high-end as it gets. TC's ultimate reverb processor redefined what it meant to be an industry standard. The original System 6000 was an industry milestone, and it was honored with the prestigious TEC award in 2000.

Over thirty man-years of development time was put into creating the VSS reverb algorithms, and the results spoke for themselves with remarkably realistic acoustic environments which incorporate accurate positional information in the reflections, ideal for naturalistic music and post-production applications.

The Relab VSR S24 painstakingly recreates every characteristic of the world-class TC Electronic System 6000 with added enhanced parameter ranges for infinite creativity. VSR S24 excels at applying ‘prettier than life’ reverberation to many sources of a mix or complete stereo/multichannel stems.

NEW!!! Kush Goldplate by Relab

Kush and Relab are widely acknowledged as two of the most important and innovative audio software and plug-in companies in the world today.

Separately, they have pushed the envelope in terms of what people think is possible in the field of audio engineering.

And now, for the first time, they have joined forces to reinvent reverb in exciting and groundbreaking new ways.

Ilok2 or 3 Required

Compatible with Both Mac OS and Windows - VST, AU or AAX

You Will Get

  • The Relab LX480 Complete Plug-in

  • The Kush Goldplate Reverb by Relab

  • The Relab VSR S24 Plug-in

  • The Relab LX480 RHall Plug-in

  • A Gobbler Reverb Mini-Course From a World-Class Engineer (Abbey Road Institute)

Relab Bundle with Goldplate
Legendary Reverb Models

Create Incredible Mixes

Reverb is the go-to effect for professional mixers and when you know how to use it, the difference it can make to a mix is absolutely incredible…

Gobbler Reverb Mini-Course

Fast-Track Your Learning Curve

Learn how to use the Relab LX480 from world-class engineer Pete Dowsett (Abbey Road Institute) so you can get up and running quickly,

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Get Up and Running Fast

Use the Gobbler app for fast and easy one-click install and authorization of your plug-in bundle for a hassle-free quick start!

Check Out These FREE Expert Tutorial Previews

Learn from the best in the business with world-class Gobbler mentors. Here's a sneak peek of what's inside from producer/engineer Pete Dowsett (Abbey Road Institue)


People Are Saying

Don't take our word for it. Take a look at what people are saying and see for yourself why Relab is the "go-to" reverb suite.

“Love it… It’s actually replaced our Lexicon 480L hardware”

Tom Elmhirst

Grammy Winning Engineer
Adele, Amy Winehouse

“If you’re looking for incredibly lifelike and gorgeous sounding room and halls, this (VSR S24) should be at the top of your list.”

“When recreating some classic mixes in stem form, having the original recall sheets from the 80’s and 90’s detailing the original hardware 480L parameters, I was able to dial them into the LX480 and BOOM! There it was…Fantastic!”

Joshua J. Macrae

Producer/ Engineer
Queen, Roger Taylor, Bob Geldof

“(the VSR S24) sounds incredible. It’s capable of just stunning rooms, chambers, churches, and halls in particular”

Relab Reverb Suite

Recreating the most influential reverbs of all time, available now FREE for TWO Months with our "Annual Billed Monthly Plan" - only $7.99/mo*

Ilok2 or 3 Required

Compatible with Both Mac OS and Windows - VST, AU or AAX
Relab Bundle with Goldplate

**Lexicon, 480L Digital Effects System and 480L are trademarks of Lexicon Inc. *TC Electronic, System 6000 and VSS6.1 are trademarks of TC Electronic and are in no way associated or affiliated with Relab Development. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose sounds were studied during the development of the plugin.