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Introducing the "Rock Production Bootcamp" Learn How To Record and Mix Rock Like A Pro

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Expected Release: Mid-End Jan 2019





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Are You Interested to Learn How to Make a World-Class Rock Production?

If so, then you’ll love our NEW Rock Production Bootcamp”  course.

It’s specifically designed with aspiring rock engineers and producers in mind.

So How is This Course Different?

Most courses only teach you how to mix, but not how to produce.

In other words, they’re only teaching you how to do half the job.

Meet Gobbler mentor Pete Dowsett (Abbey Road Institute).

Pete is a popular London, UK based producer and engineer known for getting a major label sound on an independent budget.

In this course,  show you his unique recording and mixing techniques that are key to getting it.

You’ll learn how to record and make a song sound great even BEFORE a mix.

Here's a Sneak Peek Inside...

What's Included In The Course?

Watch as Pete covers every aspect of production for the song “Cartoon Smile” by Halfcut K9 - a contemporary British indie rock band that blends modern rock with elements of Hip Hop/Trap and various other genres.

You'll get to follow Pete through the four phases of a modern Rock production:


  1. Pre-Production 
  2. Recording 
  3. Mixing
  4. Mastering

PLUS TWO BONUS WORKSHOPS: Drum Editing and Vocal Editing and Tuning Workshops (total value $98)

Phase 1: Pre-Production

Pete walks you through an extensive preparation and planning stage, to ensure you walk into any recording session fully prepared. He discusses a broad range of topics, including tips on how to work with artists along as well as song composition and arrangement ideas.

Phase 2: Recording

In the recording section, Pete takes you through the complete instrument tracking, showcasing some of the techniques he uses to capture the unique, nuanced performances of the band.


With a combination of footage from the actual recording sessions and detailed instructional videos, Pete covers his approach to drum tuning, mic selection, mic positioning, phase coherence, tone shaping and more.

Plus, as a special bonus, you’ll also get videos about the programming of various loops, synths and sound design that went into the song.

Phase 3: Mixing

In the mixing section, Pete goes into detail on approaches for compression, EQ, and effects for drums, guitar, bass, vocals, and synths/loops.


He’ll cover techniques to improve the low-end impact of a mix and uncover lesser known techniques on how to get deep and wide sounding tracks. You’ll also see Pete use automation to fix problem areas and bring out the song’s dynamics.

Not to mention, he’ll provide you with tons of little tips and tricks to take your mix from good to great.

Phase 4: Mastering

Finally, in the mastering section, you get the best of both worlds!

You’ll see how Pete prepares a mix for mastering as well as interview footage from the song’s mastering engineer Andrew "Hippy" Baldwin from the world-famous Metropolis studios in London, UK.

And for those who don’t have the luxury of a world-class mastering studio, Pete walks you through an in-the-box mastering process, so you can master your own mix in your favorite DAW.

Elevate the Quality of Your Recording and Mixing

Think of this course as your very own rock production internship to properly prepare you for producing your own projects from start to finish.

If you truly want to elevate the quality of your recording and mixing, don’t miss this special one-time offer

This course will include tons of downloads, exercises, checklists and worksheets including both the final recorded tracks and the original demo stems and various raw tracking stems so you can practice and problem-solve on both final and raw tracks.

SAVE OVER 80%!! (reg $99) on this special one-time pre-sale offer

Expected Release: Mid-End Jan 2019

BONUS #1 (a $299 value)

To help you learn more about the business side of music production, Pete has included two examples of the exact music producer contracts he uses on a daily basis worth hundreds of dollars.

BONUS #2 (a $98 value)


Drum Editing and Vocal Editing and Tuning Workshops

BONUS #3 (a $99 value)

You'll also get bonus footage from other songs from Halfcut K9 that were tracked and recorded in the same sessions, providing you with even more insight to producing a great sounding song.

Our 30-day ZERO Risk Guarantee

We're so confident a Gobbler mentor will help you find you’re looking for, that we're offering an unconditional, no-questions-asked, 30-day guarantee. In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back.

What People Are Saying

My outlook and approach to music production completely changed...

For years I struggled, leaving things to fix in the mix, it even got the point that I thought mixing was actually fixing a bad recording and giving the flavour to bland stems. Pete taught me the beauty of getting the sound right when tracking, having a perspective from the beginning and giving the record its character early on by being bold with your decisions

ANDREA MASTROIACOVO  //  Producer/Engineer

Pete's teaching helped me understand the fundamental truths of mixing...

Without Pete I would never have been taught the most important question I ask myself in every aspect of my audio engineering career, and that is - why? Why am I putting this plugin on? Why am I choosing this mic? - Pete helped me understand how to achieve mixes with depth and power, that translate better across all mediums.

JACK LONGMAN  //  Recording Engineer/Mixer

SAVE OVER 80%!! (reg $99) on this special one-time pre-sale offer

Expected Release: Mid-End Jan 2019

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