NEW! SSL Native V6.2 Bus Compressor


SSL and Gobbler are proud to announce the availability of the Bus Compressor V6.2 plug-in upgrade on subscription — as part of the SSL Native Complete V6.2 subscription bundle

Now with wet/dry mix and side chain filter!

New features include…

  • The Dry/Wet Mix control blends between compressed and uncompressed signals for quick and easy parallel compression.
  • The side-chain High-Pass Filter enables reduction of low-frequency content triggering the compressor, reducing unwanted pumping effects.

Other upgrade to the bundle include…

  • The SSL Complete Bundle also includes the addition of Pro Tools gain reduction metering for the Bus Compressor, Channel Strip, X-Comp, X-Valvecomp, Vocalstrip and Drumstrip plug-ins.
  • Improvements to the tooltip entry system for all plug-ins in the SSL Native range.

Get it today as part of the SSL Complete Bundle from only $14.99/mo.

Already an SSL subscriber? Just open up your Gobbler app, download the update and get to work. You’re all set!