McDSP and Gobbler Want To Give You A FREE iLok3

McDSP and Gobbler Want To Give You…
A FREE iLok3

McDSP and Gobbler have teamed up to give a FREE iLok3 (just pay S&H) to anyone who doesn’t have one, when they subscribe to any McDSP “All Access” subscription plan.

With the McDSP “All Access” plan, you get the entire catalog of McDSP software. That’s 24 world-class and award-winning plugins.PLUS, as a special thank you for joining the McDSP family, all updates, plugin upgrades and any NEW plugins that are released during your subscription are instantly yours, absolutely FREE!

And since the plugins included in the McDSP “All Access” subscription plan require an iLok 2 or an iLok 3, if you don’t already have one, we’ll send you one for FREE.

Just cover the shipping and handling and the iLok3 is yours – FREE….
Plus there’s never been a better time to subscribe with McDSP 20th Anniversary pricing, plans start at $12.99/month

What are the best things about the iLok?

The iLok turns your home studio into a mobile studio.  You can carry all of your licenses wherever you go, and get to work instantly.

Just plug your iLok into any computer with a USB port, and all of your installed McDSP plugins, (or any other iLok-protected licensed plugins) are good to go.



The iLok 3 is cross-platform

So whether you are using a Mac or Windows computer, or you have to bounce between both, you can store all your iLok-enabled software licenses all on a single iLok, and work anywhere.And you only need one.

One iLok can hold over 1500 software licenses!

So What’s The Catch?

Now, the iLok normally costs around $50 USD, so how come McDSP and Gobbler can offer it for free?What’s the catch?

The answer is plain and simple…

there isn’t one!

Simply subscribe to any McDSP “All Access” subscription plan and let us know you need an iLok.  Then just cover the shipping and handling, and we’ll ship one out to you.

That’s it.

Your licenses will be on the safest, most secure solution available.

So get started with the McDSP “All Access” plan today and take advantage of this special offer before it’s too late.

Sign up today and get the McDSP All Access Plan at 20th Anniversary pricing (over 50% off select plans) starting at only $12.99 a month with FREE updates for the life of your subscription.
McDSP 20th
All McDSP Plugins, All Upgrades, All Access
With the McDSP All Access Plan, you get EVERY McDSP PLUGIN that they have to offer, and EVERY NEW PLUGIN that gets released for no extra charge.As soon as you sign up, you never have to worry about buying a new McDSP plugin ever again. All updates, upgrades and new plugins are yours instantly.