LX480 Elements Hall

LX480 Elements Hall


One of the most traditional reverb sounds, a hall reverb replicates the sound of a concert hall,

Because of their size, hall reverbs often have super-long decays.

Hall reverbs can also have strong early reflections, which can help give a sense of “air” or space around a sound.

These qualities tend to make Hall reverbs perfect for adding space and thickness to strings and pads.

They are also great for giving tracks a sense of belonging to the same space with a smooth and even decay.

Differences between one Hall reverb and another often resides in the timing and volume of the early reflections, as well as the diffusion and shape of the reverb tail.

Let’s hear an example of a hall reverb preset from the LX480 Essentials.

Here we have a Cello track, recorded fairly dry…

DRY CELLO EXAMPLE HERE: https://soundcloud.com/relabdevelopment/cello-dry

The reverb sound chosen for this tutorial is the “Sparkle Hall” preset from the LX480 Essentials by Relab.

In the LX480 Essentials Hall algorithm, this classic favourite was designed to emulate a real medium-sized hall where the sound source is placed in the middle, away from walls and nearby surfaces that create reflections.

This creates the sense of space and depth that doesn’t color or muddy the sound source, making it a great hall sound optimized for many different sources.

Here is the cello with the reverb preset applied.

WET CELLO EXAMPLE HERE: https://soundcloud.com/relabdevelopment/cello-small-ambience-60-40-1

A 70:30 mix of the reverb is chosen so that the reverb tail is clearly audible, while not being so high that it couldn’t realistically be used in a real-life mix.

In your own mixes, try Sparkle Hall as a starting point for your strings or synths, and simply adjust the reverb time (RTM) to better suit the tempo and feel of the song.

You can also use the low frequency and high frequency cutoffs (LOF and HIF) to remove unwanted low end or high end from the reverb.

Getting a great string reverb sound can be as simple as that.

With the LX480 Essentials, you can spend less time searching for sound and more time creating them.


If you’re the type of engineer or producer that likes to dig a little deeper and wants to have a bit more control of your reverb, check out the LX480 Complete from Relab.

LX480 Complete is a fully-featured reverb plug-in and considered to be the most accurate recreations of the original 480L, including additional features and enhancements that meet the demands of the modern production workflow.