The Kush Audio plug-ins have created a cult following with the Gobbler marketplace subscribers. The analog character and the unique sounds that the plug-ins make have attracted producers and engineers who want to create something that sounds alive. With the new Kush Audio Omega Transformer 458a, the power of excellent tube emulations has been given to the Kush family.

The Omega Transformer 458a: Kush Audio’s New Tube Emulator

The Omega Transformer Model 458a is the most impressive tube emulation plug-in that I have ever encountered. The rich and complex character that comes with tube distortion has always been a Holy Grail of sound design. This is Kush Audio’s first true tube emulator, and I have to say they really nailed this one! The warmth and richness of the tone will make you rethink what is possible when producing in-the-box with plug-ins.


The Omega 458a is based on the Altec 458a tube preamp, which has a “fat tone that craps out in a very delicious way” according to the people at Kush. The Omega 458a grinds hard but never gets harsh, turning cymbals from brass to gold, and gluing bass into a molten fiery blob of love.


Subscribers to Kush Audio OG Complete Suite can install the Omega 458a with the Gobbler app, but it can also be purchased individually for $29 USD.