Introducing The Ultimate Synth Bundle

Attention music producers and beat makers…
Gobbler is proud to introduce the Ultimate Synth Bundle

At Last… An Affordable Virtual Instrument Bundle

Producers and beat makers need quality, affordable equipment to stay ahead in the industry and they certainly don’t want to waste cold hard cash on something that isn’t worth their time. Easy, reliable, and affordable is the name of the game.

You don’t need the confines of your instruments (or wallet!) limiting your creative output

Or even worse…

Your sound.

That’s why we decided it was time for a change.

A BIG change.

One that streamlines the audio process without sacrificing quality, or costing thousands of dollars!

Here at Gobbler, our aim is to bring you an entirely new kind of software bundle.

A bundle that lets you produce better, record better, perform better and sound better all while being a fantastic value for the price.


Because we believe that you should focus on your creativity, not on the tools – or your wallet

For a limited time, save over 65% with our special introductory price
Only $39.99 a year (reg. $119.76)

Get The Same Creative Tools As The Pros... Without The Hefty Price Tag

The Ultimate Synth Bundle is a virtual instrument software solution specifically tailored for ambitious producers, beatmakers, and musicians.

This great new bundle provides you with that extra magic you need to produce great-sounding tracks, regardless of your experience.

Best of all, it’s easy to use and effortlessly improves your sound without a hefty price tag.

Ultimate Synth Bundle
Ultimate Synth Bundle

A Whole Studio Of Creative Tools Right At Your Fingertips

Created by the team at MVP Loops, the Ultimate Studio Bundle benefits from their nearly 2 decades of sound design experience.

Having developed products for credits like Apple’s Logic, Akai, Native Instruments, and Presonus, this is a team of producers and musicians who truly understand what it takes to achieve sonic superiority.

This bundle is like having a studio full of the best creative tools in the industry right at your fingertips – at a fraction of the price!

Make Your Next Track Come To Life

From Trap to R&B, Pop to Soul, or dance-based material of any genre, with the Ultimate Synth Bundle you’ll find what you need to make your next track come to life.

It’s perfect for studio productions or live performances.

The bundle includes an incredibly wide range of loops, sounds and studio-quality effects for mixing and producing your music. Its intuitive tools, seamless workflow, and top sound quality make it an ideal bundle for upstarts and expert alike.

The Ultimate Synth Bundle has the tools you need to help you sound your best, at a price you’ll love.

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Ultimate Synth Bundle
Get Major Label Sound On An Independent Budget
The Ultimate Synth Bundle is a virtual instrument software solution specifically tailored for ambitious producers, beatmakers, and musicians.