Introducing The New Kush Goldplate Reverb By Relab Available Now On Subscription


Relab and Gobbler are proud to announce the availability of the Goldplate Reverb plug-in on subscription — as part of the Relab Reverb Suite subscription bundle

For years now, Relab has been known for its smooth and beautifully lush reverberation tails.

And when you pair that with Kush’s intuitively designed harmonic sculpting and compression options, you get something truly special and unique.

Goldplate presents this incredible sonic combination in a signature UBK interface that gives you everything you expect from a traditional reverb interface, and then some.

The uniquely creative design allows the algorithmic plates to retain their high sonic quality across the full range of their assigned reverb times and facilitates a warm distortion of the signal pre-reverb, and a fat, heavy compression post-reverb.

Now you can…

  • Get the genius of two leading-edge reverb design companies in one powerful and versatile plugin.
  • Use a single cleverly-designed interface to blend Relab’s smooth reverberation tails with Kush’s incredible harmonic sculpting and heavy-hitting compression curves.
  • Ensure an incredible sound, thanks to unique algorithmic plates, across the full range of your reverb times.
  • Explore the use of distortions and compressions on reverb through the use of a full-range, dynamic Drive control.
  • Control the resonant character and reverberant responses of the algorithmic plate themselves with the Material control.
  • Morph between two extremely different types of reverb plates in real time, thanks to a sophisticated blending algorithm.
  • Mix the reverb in parallel with the unprocessed signal using the intuitively designed Blend control.

Get it today as part of the Relab Reverb Suite for only $7.99/mo.

Already a Relab subscriber? Just open up your Gobbler app, download the update and get to work. You’re all set!