July is here and summer is in full swing. It’s been 10 months already since Gobbler 2.0 first popped into beta-land! We are continuing to improve the experience and we thank you for all of your feedback. Keep it coming - it really helps us define our direction. Check out some of the latest improvements to Gobbler Collaboration:

Studio One & Final Cut Pro - New to Gobbler Collect

With the launch of PreSonus’ impressive new Studio One 3, we’re proud to announce full Gobbler Collect support for Studio One (including versions 2 and 3). Check out a preview of what you can do with Gobbler & Studio One:

Additionally, we’ve got our first video editor with full Gobbler Collect support - Apple’s industry standard, Final Cut Pro X! Simply drag-and-drop your FCPX project into Gobbler like you would a DAW session, and Collect will make sure that all video and audio files are properly synced.

And this is all on top of existing Collect support for Logic Pro X, Live, and Pro Tools. Growing the family!

Automated Data Management

One of our main goals with Gobbler 2.0 is to automate as much data management as possible. We want you to free your time to work creatively, and not worry about locating your projects and versions. With Gobbler 2.0, opening a project is as simple as clicking a link in your browser - Gobbler does the rest! Gone are the days of sifting through Finder, wondering which version is which. Just click, open, and create - it’s that simple. You can toggle this on/off by heading to the Preferences menu in the Gobbler desktop app - see the image to the right.

New Icons, New Outlook on Life

Gobbler got a facelift in the latest version - you might have noticed new icons for Workspaces and Marketplace, as well as a reshuffled menu tab order that makes more sense for workflow. Enjoy the improved visual experience!

There’s more exciting news from Gobbler this week - Marketplace is now live, with inaugural bundles and plug-ins from Exponential Audio!

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