Get The Authentic SSL Sound For Your DAW!

Solid State Logic and Gobbler are proud to offer SSL's "Complete".
This bundle includes every plug-in released by SSL, on subscription, for only $14.99/month

Making great mixes can be a challenge on the best of days

And to make great mixes, you need the right tools...

Tools to help you turn the sound in your head into the sound coming out of your monitors.

Usually, these tools were only found in world-class studios, and if you didn’t have a big enough budget to record in these studios, you were missing out massively.

Missing out on using top-end equipment from companies like SSL.

But that’s not true anymore…
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Every world-class mixing and mastering plug-in released by SSL, the most prestigious name in the recording studio-world.
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We’re talking about EQ and Dynamics plug-ins that make it so easy to dial-in a great sound.

Add “radio-ready” top-end sparkle or punchy low-end with turn of an EQ knob.

Give mixes more power, punch and drive with legendary SSL compression.

The difference these plug-ins can make on your mixes is truly amazing.
Produce and mix tracks that sound like they’ve been recorded on world-class SSL equipment

To start with, you get every single plug-in released by SSL, and any update as soon as they are available!

But these aren’t just any plug-ins.

These plug-ins are the SSL EQ and Dynamics processing blocks in digital plug-in form.

It’s like having 'a slice' of an SSL console right on your computer.

The SSL plug-ins represent 'the sound of SSL console EQ and Dynamics' to the technical letter of the law, as defined and agreed by the SSL engineering team.
Put the renowned SSL sound into your DAW.
SSL products have been heard on more hit records than any other manufacturer.

For anyone mixing “in-the-box”, getting to play around with even one of these plug-ins gives you a massive advantage.

But the "Complete" collection doesn’t just offer a few plug-ins. It offers each and every one released by SSL!

And they’re all incredible.

Complete features the classic SSL Channel Strip and Bus Compressor plug-ins, plus precision mixing/mastering tools such as X-EQ, X-Comp and X-Saturator, and so many more...
If you've always wondered what an SSL console EQ, Dynamics and Bus Compressor sound like... this is it!

Hear some of the SSL plug-ins in action


Buying each of these plug-ins outright would easily cost you thousands of dollars…

But now you can get access to all these incredible plug-ins for only $14.99 a month.

For half a dollar a day you’ll get access to tools worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

And you get to do all this from the convenience of your favourite DAW.
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Every world-class SSL plug-in in one easy bundle for one low monthly rate!

SSL Complete

Get every SSL plug-in on a monthly-rolling or annual subscription fee. Get the authentic SSL sound for your DAW!
Get the SSL Complete Bundle
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