Eventide’s New Omnipressor Update!

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Eventide has just released a new update to the emulation of the 1971 classic compressor and effects unit, the Omnipressor. The Omnipressor was designed by Eventide company founder Richard Factor as a dynamics processor and not just a traditional compressor, implying that the tone changing characteristics are a primary focus of the unit. For the recent update, Richard Factor has painstakingly worked to capture all of the magic of the original hardware unit in the plug-in included with the Eventide Ensemble Bundle.

The Omnipressor was the first professional audio device to feature sidechaining and look ahead processing, and you can now manage the sidechaining through the plugin rather than routing it in your DAW. The update also includes the addition of the wet/dry mix, allowing you to tame the more dramatic compression and expansion possibilities with the plug-in. The function controls allows for compression and expansion of a wide to continuous range.

Discover all the possibilities with Omnipressor in the Eventide Ensemble Bundle and see why this design has lasted in studios for over 40 years!