Eventide has just released its Fission plug-in, which is included in the Ensemble Bundle, and I have been excitedly waiting to use it after I saw the debut at the NAMM Show this year. Fission uses a new patented technology to create an entirely new structural effect algorithm. You can install the latest update to the Eventide Ensemble Bundle through the Gobbler app today!

Fission splits any audio signal into two separate components: transients and tonal elements. Each of these can be combined or soloed, and then manipulated with a variety of effects. The Transient Effect section on top lets you play with the selected effects from the drop down menu, and the Tonal effects section on the bottom allows users to do the same, fully independent of each other. There’s a slider that allows focusing on either the Transient of Tonal sections, using additional effects such as smoothing and trans-decay.

It’s actually hard to describe the sounds that you can achieve with this; users can manipulate only the initial transients of a waveform such as the drums, piano, and guitar to create something totally unique. Next, users can include the rest of the audio (tonal effects) and manipulate that as well, combine them (or not), or solo each one. I made a short video showing some of the possibilities with a bass track that I made replaying Booker T. Jones' "Green Onions".