We’re just a few days after NAMM 2017. It’s one of the biggest Music Industry conventions and often the source of new product announcements for audio gear and software. After spending the full 4-days of NAMM in Anaheim, CA with a sea of companies launching products for the new year, I’ve found a something special at the Eventide booth that has not been officially announced as of yet – the Eventide E500 delay eurorack module.

Eventide’s E500 Eurorack Delay Module

Most exciting news of the day Eventide's first Eurorack module! E500 Delay!!!! #namm2017 @eventidestompboxes

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After seeing this post from the sound designer and modular synthesis expert Richard Devine on Instagram while I was at NAMM, I quickly rushed to the Eventide booth to see if the new was real. Once I got there, I saw Eventide’s entrance into the eurorack module market behind the glass case.


With over 40 years in the hardware space, Eventide is not a lightweight when it comes to product design. What started in a New York basement in 1971 has become a ubiquitous name in the audio industry. It will be interesting to see how they will be received in the growing modular synthesis community. Many large companies are attempting to release eurorack modules as a result of the overwhelming popularity, but there is a sea of eurorack competitors and delay modules.


Being a fan of the Eventide hardware, company history, and plug-ins (which you can subscribe to in the Gobbler marketplace), I’m confident that Eventide’s entrance into the eurorack market will be good new for the entire industry. Unfortunately, I was not able to make some patches with the delay module to test it out because it was behind glass at the NAMM both, but I will be sure to review it as soon as it’s released. The release date and price are still TBD.