Softube and Gobbler Announce Volume 2 Is Now Available On Subscription

Volume 2 is the best and most valuable Softube plug-in bundle to date; priced at only $19.99 a month… A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The signal chain is no different… Upgrade your sound with Volume 2: Softube’s ‘everything you need’ bundle, featuring three new products; Tape, the Fix Phaser, and…

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Sonnox and Gobbler Exclusive Announce a Student Subscription Bundle

A unique rent-to-own subscription to Sonnox’s bestselling Native Elite bundle, worth more than $1000 USD, for a monthly payment of $14.99 USD Sonnox and Gobbler are proud to announce the Student Subscription Bundle We at Sonnox and Gobbler take our commitment to the next generation of audio talent rather seriously. A unique rent-to-own subscription to our bestselling Native Elite…

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Mathew Lane and Gobbler launch DrMS on Subscription

It’s Time To Focus On Your Stereo Image Gobbler is proud to announce that DrMS is now available on subscription It’s probably safe to say we all want to have our mixes sound deep and wide, yet so many of us struggle with creating a strong stereo image. Maybe you’ve been in one of these…

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Eventide Releases “MangledVerb™”

Eventide MangledVerb™

If You’re On The Hunt For A Unique Sounding Reverb… Look No Further Gobbler is excited to announce that MangledVerb™ is now part of the Eventide Ensemble Bundle From unearthly, extreme outer space sounds (especially suitable for sound designers) to “shoegaze” textures that will bring any guitar to life, MangledVerb is a unique effect combining…

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Get 125 Classic Mic Models for Only $10/month

Antares Mic Mod EFX

Make The Mics You Own Sound Like The Mics You WISHED You Owned Gobbler is proud to announce that Antares Mic Mod EFX is now part of the Ultimate Studio Bundle You can never have too many microphones… And if you’re anything like us, you probably have a classic mic “wishlist” Who doesn’t? But unfortunately,…

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Empirical Labs and Gobbler launch Arousor™ on Subscription

Gobbler is thrilled to announce… The Empirical Labs Arousor 2.0 is finally available by subscription. For over 20 years, producers and engineers have been screaming for a “Distressor®-In-The-Box”.  And now, the Arousor 2.0 is here. Empirical labs began by modeling the Distressor’s detector circuits on a component basis. The Arouser features the famous Empirical Labs…

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