Eventide’s New Fission Plug-In

Eventide has just released its Fission plug-in, which is included in the Ensemble Bundle, and I have been excitedly waiting to use it after I saw the debut at the NAMM Show this year. Fission uses a new patented technology to create an entirely new structural effect algorithm. You can install the latest update to the [...]

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The New Relab Reverb Suite

When Relab Development was founded in 2004, they quietly worked behind the scenes building reverb plug-ins for other companies like IK Multimedia’s Classik Studio Reverb and SSL’s X-Verb (for their Duende DSP processors). By the time they released their own plug-ins, they had already become masters at making an amazing product. It’s no wonder why [...]

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Why Plug-In Subscriptions are the Future

Plugins are an essential part of making music and for years many plugins have been out of reach to most producers as they are expensive. For producers of music and developers of software, subscription is the future where everyone wins. What are the advantages of moving to subscription? One of the best reasons to [...]

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How to get a Free iLok

Some of the pro-audio subscriptions on Gobbler Marketplace require an iLok 2 or an iLok 3 USB device in order to use the plug-ins. Some things to know about the iLok It's portable - you can authorize your software anywhere it is installed. At home, work, or at a remote location, you can keep your [...]

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New Gobbler Clients & New Downloads Page

Hello All, We wanted to officially announce our Gobbler Client Application support for macOS 10.9+ and Windows 7 SP1+. In order to add cool new features like download with auto-retry and reduce system resources to almost nothing in the taskbar, we had to upgrade our code which forced us to set version limits. If you [...]

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New Gobbler Windows Application

Dear Loyal Gobbler Users, After a long wait, we are proud to announce our new Windows application available for download today. With the new Gobbler Windows application, we have designed an easy to use interface where you can manage all of your subscription plugins from one place. With new features like “install all”, you will [...]

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Eiosis Air & Earth Modules

The Eiosis Air and Earth modules for Slate Digital's VMR can add unbelievable air, clarity, power, and punch to your tracks and mixes. They also have completely customizable Hi and Low Pass filters that can cover an extremely wide range of filtering needs.   Best of all, the modules are free for subscribers of Slate [...]

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NUGEN Audio Plugins & Free Demo

Gobbler is proud to include NUGEN Audio the the marketplace with two bundles, the Producer Pack and the Post Pack. The new bundled plug-ins are automatically added to the subscription, and updates are automatic free. Software can now be activated whenever required, providing the option to upscale and downscale according to project needs and budgets.   [...]

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Marketplace is Alive! Subscribe to Bundles from Exponential Audio

Today is the day we’ve been dreaming about. Marketplace, our service for plug-in subscription, is now live, featuring launch bundles from Exponential Audio. Here’s how it all works: And that’s that! You can download, install, and authorize your plug-ins from anywhere you’re logged in to your Gobbler account. Your plug-ins [...]

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Welcome Exponential Audio to Gobbler Marketplace!

It’s an exciting day for us plug-in heads, as Exponential Audio has joined Marketplace! With five fantastic plug-ins - the dreamy R2 and R2 Surround, the realistic PhoenixVerb/PhoenixVerb Surround, and the wildly versatile Excalibur multi-effect - available in stereo and surround-sound bundles, it’s a new era for your music. To get acquainted, let’s take a [...]

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