Why Plug-In Subscriptions are the Future

Plugins are an essential part of making music and for years many plugins have been out of reach to most producers as they are expensive. For producers of music and developers of software, subscription is the future where everyone wins. What are the advantages of moving to subscription? One of the best reasons to [...]

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Plugin Subscription with an Offline Computer

A lot of users have been asking for help with making a workflow for a Gobbler plugin subscription using an offline computer. Having a computer that you use for production that stays offline is a common practice amongst producers that protects the work machine from a virus that could be downloaded by accident. This workflow [...]

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New in Gobbler Collaboration: Studio One Support, Automatic Assets, and More

July is here and summer is in full swing. It’s been 10 months already since Gobbler 2.0 first popped into beta-land! We are continuing to improve the experience and we thank you for all of your feedback. Keep it coming - it really helps us define our direction. Check out some of the latest improvements to Gobbler [...]

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Drag to Workspaces & More – new in Gobbler 2.0

Today, we've released a new update (version 241) to Gobbler 2.0 - including the ability to drag sessions directly to Workspaces for upload, and more. Check out a short video overview of the new features: Get your free, space-unlimited Gobbler 2.0 beta account.

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Migrating from Gobbler 1.0 to 2.0 | Video Tutorial

Migrating from Gobbler 1.0 to 2.0 is easier than you might think - watch the video above to step by step instructions. Grab your free, space-unlimited Gobbler 2.0 beta account.

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Gobbler Collect – Sync what you Need, Automatically

When it comes to music-making and collaboration, file management might be the least fun part of the whole process. No one ever looks forward to sitting down, getting into a groove, then hunting around folders to find the required files for a sync. On the other end, how many times have you received a [...]

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New Functions and Look in Gobbler 2.0

Like the raptors in Jurassic Park, the Gobbler 2.0 beta just gets smarter and better the more it explores the world. If you’ve checked out the Gobbler 2.0 desktop or web app recently, you’ve probably noticed some new features and a bit of a face-lift. We’ve been listening to our users, and we’re continuing to [...]

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