Solid State Logic’s 30 Day Free Trial

With regular updates to existing plug-ins and constant addition of new ones (over a dozen in the last year!) to the line-up, now’s the perfect time to try Solid State Logic’s Complete suite! “Complete” includes every world-class plug-in released by SSL and you can fall in love with them for free with a “30-Day Free”…

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Eventide’s New Omnipressor Update!

Eventide has just released a new update to the emulation of the 1971 classic compressor and effects unit, the Omnipressor. The Omnipressor was designed by Eventide company founder Richard Factor as a dynamics processor and not just a traditional compressor, implying that the tone changing characteristics are a primary focus of the unit. For the…

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The Eventide H3000 Factory: When Only History-Making, Legendary Sounds Will Do

With the original H3000, Eventide became the worldwide industry leader in multi-effects processing. And thanks to plug-ins like the H3000 Factory, they still are… The Eventide H3000 hardware unit was light years ahead of its time.  The world’s first intelligent diatonic pitch shifter changed the way people think about the possibilities of sound.  It manipulated…

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7 Recording Mistakes Most Musicians Don’t Even Know They’re Making

7 recording mistakes

The studio is booked, the songs are written, the band is sounding tight, and you’re ready to record. But are you REALLY ready? Being ready means having as much knowledge as possible, to avoid the recording mistakes that so many artists make. Every musician hears stories about music legends walking into the studio and “nailing”…

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The SSL Bus Compressor: A Classic For a Reason

The “Sound” You’ve Heard on Countless Hit Records… For those of us who are privileged enough to have worked on an SSL desk, the news about SSL releasing the SSL Native Bus Compressor is music to our well-trained ears. The SSL Native Bus Compressor is a plug-in version of one of the most important mixing…

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A Guide To Preparing Your Music For Mastering

What’s up everybody? Will Borza here, mastering mentor from Gobbler Courses In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about preparing your mixes for a Mastering Engineer. Follow this guide, and I guarantee that your Mastering Engineer will love you. First, we’ll look at some important things to listen for in your mix,…

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