Are 125 Classic Mic Models Worth $10 To You?

You can never have too many microphones... And if you’re anything like us, you probably have a classic mic “wishlist”Who doesn’t?But unfortunately most of these classic mics are simply too far out of reach.Let’s face it, some of the prices are WAY off the charts...checkA vintage Telefunken U47 - around $20 000checkA vintage AKG C12 - also [...]

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Eventide’s New Fission Plug-In

Eventide has just released its Fission plug-in, which is included in the Ensemble Bundle, and I have been excitedly waiting to use it after I saw the debut at the NAMM Show this year. Fission uses a new patented technology to create an entirely new structural effect algorithm. You can install the latest update to the [...]

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The New PACE iLok 3

The PACE team recently dropped off a set of the new iLok 3 USB dongles to the Gobbler office, and I am in love with the full metal iLok! The iLok 3 is half the size of the iLok 2, it is twice as fast, and it comes with three times as much storage for [...]

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The New Relab Reverb Suite

When Relab Development was founded in 2004, they quietly worked behind the scenes building reverb plug-ins for other companies like IK Multimedia’s Classik Studio Reverb and SSL’s X-Verb (for their Duende DSP processors). By the time they released their own plug-ins, they had already become masters at making an amazing product. It’s no wonder why [...]

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How to get a Free iLok

Some of the pro-audio subscriptions on Gobbler Marketplace require an iLok 2 or an iLok 3 USB device in order to use the plug-ins. Some things to know about the iLok It's portable - you can authorize your software anywhere it is installed. At home, work, or at a remote location, you can keep your [...]

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New Softube Volume 1 Bundle & Tutorial

We are pleased to announce the new Volume 1 subscription bundle. Softube curated the Volume 1 bundle by identifying the 11 most common mixing situations and choosing the best plugins to help address those areas. The bundle is worth over $2000 in value and you can it all for the low monthly price of $19.99 [...]

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Analog In The Box – Meet the Slate Plugins

As of today, you can get a full virtual analog studio in your DAW for $19.99/month, with a subscription to the Slate Digital Everything Bundle. In this post, we’ll take some time to get to know all the awesome plugins that you get as part of this sweet deal. Virtual Mix Rack [...]

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Analog Mix: Hear it, Make it

There’s a lot of talk about “vintage” and “analog” sounds in recording - studio vets and younger musicians alike claim to hear a kind of “warmth” well-rounded quality when listening to recording processed with analog gear. But what specifically are we hearing? And can we accomplish these sounds without spending hundreds of thousands [...]

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Echospace pt. 2: Reverb from Beyond

In the first installment of this series, we looked at experimental uses for delay - this time, it’s reverb that’s in the spotlight. “What’s the difference between delay and reverb?” you might ask - and, truthfully, the two effects are quite similar, particularly when it comes to digital algorithmic reverbs which do rely [...]

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Echospace pt. 1: Experimenting with Delay

We all know what’s up with delay and reverb effects - delay creates echoes (or, in short digital amounts with no feedback, corrects timing), and reverb makes virtual spaces. Apply to taste, careful not to overdo it, and there’s your sound. But, what about when you ignore the rules and go over the [...]

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