Eventide E500 Eurorack Module at NAMM 2017

We’re just a few days after NAMM 2017. It’s one of the biggest Music Industry conventions and often the source of new product announcements for audio gear and software. After spending the full 4-days of NAMM in Anaheim, CA with a sea of companies launching products for the new year, I’ve found a something special at the Eventide booth that [...]

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Slate Digital VRS-8 NAMM Review

Slate Digital is known for great software emulations such as the Virtual Tape Machines, Virtual Console Collection, and Virtual Bus Compressors. The company has gained an even stronger reputation with hardware after releasing the ML-1 microphones last year. This year at NAMM 2017, Steven Slate introduced the new audio interface from Slate Digital that drew a lot of attention. [...]

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Softube Console 1 Mk2 NAMM Review

Prior to NAMM 2017, Softube announced a new update to the Console 1 mixing controller. It looked pretty similar to the previous Console 1 in terms of controls, but the new Console 1 Mk II is compatible with the Universal Audio plug-ins in addition to the Softube line of mixing plug-ins. The Console 1 is a control surface that you [...]

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Eiosis Air & Earth Modules

The Eiosis Air and Earth modules for Slate Digital's VMR can add unbelievable air, clarity, power, and punch to your tracks and mixes. They also have completely customizable Hi and Low Pass filters that can cover an extremely wide range of filtering needs.   Best of all, the modules are free for subscribers of Slate Digital's EVERYTHING Bundle! [...]

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New Slate Digital FG-116 Compressors

In this introduction, Steven Slate takes you through the new FG-116 BLUE Series Compressors, including multiple audio tutorials that demonstrate how the pros use them to get the best results! The FG-116 Blue Vintage recreates the sound of two “rev A” FET compressors. Both compressors sound rich, colorful, and musical. Circuit 1 has the classic ‘mid forward’ character [...]

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NUGEN Audio Plugins & Free Demo

Gobbler is proud to include NUGEN Audio the the marketplace with two bundles, the Producer Pack and the Post Pack. The new bundled plug-ins are automatically added to the subscription, and updates are automatic free. Software can now be activated whenever required, providing the option to upscale and downscale according to project needs and budgets.   Producer Pack Containing seven world [...]

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Plugin Subscription with an Offline Computer

A lot of users have been asking for help with making a workflow for a Gobbler plugin subscription using an offline computer. Having a computer that you use for production that stays offline is a common practice amongst producers that protects the work machine from a virus that could be downloaded by accident. This workflow is also useful for Gobbler [...]

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Gobbler integration in Logic Pro

For years, Logic Pro has been a premium DAW of choice for both professional studios and home setups alike. With a full suite of instruments and effects - including, with the 10.2 update, the brand new Alchemy synth/sampler hybrid - it’s a first class environment for composing, editing, recording, and mixing/mastering music. Now, you can sync, version, and [...]

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Analog In The Box – Meet the Slate Plugins

As of today, you can get a full virtual analog studio in your DAW for $19.99/month, with a subscription to the Slate Digital Everything Bundle. In this post, we’ll take some time to get to know all the awesome plugins that you get as part of this sweet deal. Virtual Mix Rack (VMR) - More Real and [...]

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