How to get a Free iLok

Some of the pro-audio subscriptions on Gobbler Marketplace require an iLok 2 or an iLok 3 USB device in order to use the plug-ins. Some things to know about the iLok It's portable - you can authorize your software anywhere it is installed. At home, work, or at a remote location, you can keep your software licenses with you, not [...]

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Kush Audio’s New Tube Emulator

The Kush Audio plug-ins have created a cult following with the Gobbler marketplace subscribers. The analog character and the unique sounds that the plug-ins make have attracted producers and engineers who want to create something that sounds alive. With the new Kush Audio Omega Transformer 458a, the power of excellent tube emulations has been given to the Kush family. The [...]

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Eventide E500 Eurorack Module at NAMM 2017

We’re just a few days after NAMM 2017. It’s one of the biggest Music Industry conventions and often the source of new product announcements for audio gear and software. After spending the full 4-days of NAMM in Anaheim, CA with a sea of companies launching products for the new year, I’ve found a something special at the Eventide booth that [...]

By |January 26th, 2017|NAMM|

New Softube Volume 1 Bundle & Tutorial

We are pleased to announce the new Volume 1 subscription bundle. Softube curated the Volume 1 bundle by identifying the 11 most common mixing situations and choosing the best plugins to help address those areas. The bundle is worth over $2000 in value and you can it all for the low monthly price of $19.99 /mo. It includes some of [...]

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New Gobbler Windows Application

Dear Loyal Gobbler Users, After a long wait, we are proud to announce our new Windows application available for download today. With the new Gobbler Windows application, we have designed an easy to use interface where you can manage all of your subscription plugins from one place. With new features like “install all”, you will be able to easily download [...]

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DJing with Gobbler Plugins

When DJing with software like Traktor, eventually you'll become tired of the stock effects and you’ll want to incorporate your own plugin effects. At least I hope that you’ll have this thought because you can recognise a T3 delay from a mile away. I’ve always wanted to use the Eventide TVerb plugin while DJing with acapellas, but sadly Traktor does [...]

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Web Synths & Drum Machines

If you’re like me you've probably had times when you wanted to record an idea, practice songwriting, or just jam out but you’re nowhere near your studio. Here are some websites that let you lay down a beat with just your web browser. I’ve been using them recently to sketch out song ideas when I write vocals so that I’m [...]

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Optimizing Mac for Music Production

Optimizing Mac for Music Production: While installing my new studio Mac I realized that a lot of the articles that I’ve found online about optimizing performance for the studio are outdated. I figured that this could be useful to some people in the Gobbler community, so this is a list of some basic improvements that will keep your Mac from [...]

By |July 6th, 2016|Tutorials|

Eiosis Air & Earth Modules

The Eiosis Air and Earth modules for Slate Digital's VMR can add unbelievable air, clarity, power, and punch to your tracks and mixes. They also have completely customizable Hi and Low Pass filters that can cover an extremely wide range of filtering needs.   Best of all, the modules are free for subscribers of Slate Digital's EVERYTHING Bundle! [...]

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