Instruments & synths
Eurorack for Everyone and Drum synthesis is back with a vengeance!

Channel Strips
Summit Audio Grand Channel Tone sculpting and dynamics control with mild authority.

Versatile flanger and rich doubler from the mind of Paul Wolff & Modern, classy, and flexible reverb.

FET Compressor is a classic for a reason.

Made for you

Create drum machine and synth tracks. Mix vocals and acoustic guitars. Record electric guitars and finalize the mix. Volume 1 is a plug-in bundle designed to solve these and a number of other crucial music production tasks. It includes sixteen world-class plug-ins from the best brands in the industry—along with a 90 minute mix tutorial video.


What you can do

Get the vocals right

– Fix tone and dynamics using the Summit units
– Add natural space with TSAR-1 Reverb
– Dirty things up a bit with Saturation Knob
– Double and widen with Fix Doubler
– Add characterful delay with Tube Delay

Mix and record electric guitars

– Get lifelike amp sound Vintage Amp Room
– Use THE console EQ for guitar—Trident A-Range
– Fatten things up with Fix Doubler
– Stand out from the crowd with Fix Flanger
– Add slap back or long echoes with Tube Delay

Mix acoustic guitars

– Gently control dynamics with Summit Audio TLA-100A
– Add fairy dust with Summit Audio EQF-100
– Widen your track with Fix Doubler
– Place it in a room with TSAR-1 Reverb

Create synth sounds

– Start creating synth sounds
– Use the six Doepfer modules included
– Over 400 presets included

Process the mix bus

– Get punch and clarity with Drawmer S73
– Add glue to your mix with Summit Audio TLA-100A
– Make subtle EQ tweaks with Summit Audio EQF-100

Mix synths and keys

– Take a synth bass from mono to stereo with Fix Doubler
– Get clarity and excitement for a piano Drawmer S73
– Make organ sounds blend in with Fix Flanger

Create and mix electronic drums

– Create dirty and daring drum beats with Heartbeat
– Tweak the sounds like on an analog machine
– Use autopan and effects for even greater excitement
– Get motion and groove FET Compressor
– Make sonic adjustments Trident A-Range
– Add a dark room with TSAR-1 Reverb

Mix synth bass and bass guitar

– Get realistic bass amp sounds with Bass Amp Room
– Set EQ and dynamics with the Summit Audio units
– Add overtones for presence with Saturation Knob

Mix acoustic drums

– Control drum bus dynamics with Summit Audio TLA-100A
– Classic EQ tweaks with Trident A-Range
– Get aggressive dynamics with FET Compressor
– Add that Zep tape flange Fix Flanger
– Add space and air with TSAR-1 Reverb

Learn From the Best
Get world-class training with your world-class tools! At no extra charge, Volume 1 users get an exclusive, over 90 minute long, tutorial video. In the video, Grammy nominated engineer Ryan West (Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West) goes through the making of an entire song production using only the tools included in Volume 1.
Exercise Files Included
You even get to download the entire DAW project, with the original sound files and Ryan’s mix settings. So you can open these on your own computer and see exactly what he has done!*

*Prepared for Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, Studio One, Ableton Live and as individual .wav files for importing to any DAW.

Here you can check out some shorter videos that Ryan made. These are available to anyone, but only Volume 1 users get the full 90 minute video and the exercise files.

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  • Want to dip your toes? Just want the tools for short projects? This option lets you start a subscription and cancel it at any time—and restart it again as you need the tools.
  • $19.99


  • Pay once per year and be done with it. Less to think about and just one receipt for your accountant to deal with.

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