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Includes every Eventide plug-in. Award-winning emulations of legendary FX processors, classic EQs, compressors, delays, reverbs and pitch changers used by professionals for more than 40 years. Over $1800 value, with more than 3400 presets, Ensemble has everything you need to create professional sounding tracks at a fraction of the price. Start, pause or cancel at any time. Get instant access to new plugins and software updates for free.

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Rock n’ roll scientists making world class software for audio professionals and musicians. The company was founded by Oscar Öberg in 2003 and consists today of twelve guys (click for a presentation of the softube team) with headquarters in Linköping, Sweden. It’s located about two hours southwest of Stockholm.

Shop Kush Audio Plug-Ins

Kush is primarily an analog company. Everything starts in world of circuits, and the trademark quality of Kush gear is “one-of-a-kind”. In that space, I focus on creating processors that are either radical departures from past designs or, with something like the Clariphonic, are genuinely new, and unlike anything before it. Kush plug-ins follow the same philosophy they and are either direct emulations of our analog stuff—like the Clariphonic and Electra—or are equally quirky and inventive stuff that still has a clear bias for analog thinking, like Pusher or UBK-1.

-Gregory Scott (Kush Audio)

Shop Slate Digital Plug-Ins

Get every single Slate Digital plugin all for one low price. You get equalizers, compressors, preamps, enhancers, deessers, reverbs, virtual tape machines and much more! All new plugins and updates are free. Includes Top 3rd Party Plugins: S-Gear by Scuffham Amps & Eiosis Air & Earth Modules, Eiosis e2deesser. Plus, get a free iLok2 if you don’t have one.

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Based in Denmark, Relab Development specializes in the meticulous modelling of top-end audio effects of the last 40 years. Relab plugins provide all the functionality of the original units (found in studios worldwide) in plugin form, adding new options and capabilities. The Relab Reverb Suite includes all Relab Development current and future Relab reverb plugins, with free updates as they are made available.

Shop NUGEN Audio Plug-Ins

With the Producer Pack you gain deeper control over your EQ, Stereo panorama and low frequency content, and with its comprehensive audio analysis suite you can identify and solve a multitude of audio issues.
Ideally suited to both mix and mastering situations, the Producer Pack offers an unequalled collection of highly flexible award-winning cross-platform plug-ins to help you increase the quality and efficiency of your audio production.

Shop Cinedeck’s CineXtools

cineXtools is a stand-alone media-file and deliverables management application made up of several modules. Really, you should consider these tools as companions to your non-linear editor. The primary module is cineXinsert with an upgrade option that includes XDCAM and AS11 support.

Shop Exponential Audio Plug-Ins

There’s nothing like Excalibur. It’s the plugin that creates whole new worlds. Need a classical delay unit with feedback and EQ? Need to sync it to tempo? It’s right here. Need a chorus to fatten an instrumental part? Or a flanger that goes from mild to wild? That’s all in Excalibur. Maybe you need a distorter. Or pitch shifter. Need to do bit reduction to model an old processor? How about a resonant filter for ‘wah’ effects? Or a resonator for truly spooky worlds? Maybe a little reverb? Or a phaser? This is the place.

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