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Includes every Eventide plug-in. Award-winning emulations of legendary FX processors, classic EQs, compressors, delays, reverbs and pitch changers used by professionals for more than 40 years. Over $1800 value, with more than 3400 presets, Ensemble has everything you need to create professional sounding tracks at a fraction of the price. Start, pause or cancel at any time. Get instant access to new plugins and software updates for free.

Exponential Audio Plugins

There’s nothing like Excalibur. It’s the plugin that creates whole new worlds. Need a classical delay unit with feedback and EQ?  Need to sync it to tempo?  It’s right here. Need a chorus to fatten an instrumental part?  Or a flanger that goes from mild to wild? That’s all in Excalibur. Maybe you need a distorter.  Or pitch shifter.  Need to do bit reduction to model an old processor? How about a resonant filter for ‘wah’ effects?  Or a resonator for truly spooky worlds?  Maybe a little reverb?  Or a phaser? This is the place.

NUGEN Audio Plugins

With the Producer Pack you gain deeper control over your EQ, Stereo panorama and low frequency content, and with its comprehensive audio analysis suite you can identify and solve a multitude of audio issues.

Ideally suited to both mix and mastering situations, the Producer Pack offers an unequalled collection of highly flexible award-winning cross-platform plug-ins to help you increase the quality and efficiency of your audio production.

Slate Digital Plugins

Get every single Slate Digital plugin all for one low price. You get equalizers, compressors, preamps, enhancers, deessers, reverbs, virtual tape machines and much more!  All new plugins and updates are free. Includes Top 3rd Party Plugins: S-Gear by Scuffham Amps & Eiosis Air & Earth Modules, Eiosis e2deesser. Plus,  get a free iLok2 if you don’t have one.


We’ve made collaborating better than ever. It’s as easy as creating a Workspace, uploading files, and inviting others to join. Workspaces support any project or file type and there are no storage limitations.


Gobbler Marketplace lets you buy subscriptions to the highest quality plug-ins on the market. This is the stuff the pros use and now you can too with low subscription pricing. The Gobbler app makes download and installation as simple as 1-click. Never again will you have to hassle plug-in management or installation we make it easy and frustration free!

“The Marketplace isn’t just an online shop. It’s an entirely new way for people to experience our products in a far more affordable and liberating way.”

-Steven Slate,

Slate Digital


Never lose your work again. Gobbler automatically syncs and keeps incremental project versions in the cloud. Revert any time you like. With Gobbler’s secure cloud your work is encrypted and stored in multiple data centers. Your wonderful work is safe and sound.
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